Discover the Professional's Path from Sick & Tired

to Fit & Inspired

in 90 Days or Less without yo-yo dieting or spending hours in the gym

Following old diet and exercise methods won’t be enough to help you transform your body, your business and your life.

As a professional, you know you need systems. You need routines. You need methods for your life and business that will help you go from sick and tired to fit and inspired.

If you're ready to do something DIFFERENT that really works, then start your Transformation Assessment today.

We work virtually with Professionals all over the world to help them go from sick & tired to fit & inspired!

"I am a busy mom of 2, working from home supporting Executives remotely in building systems and efficiencies. Working with DFIT has even helped me be more effective in my work, has helped me to be more systemized at home, and has helped me create and stick to good habits that support me in maintaining my commitment to working out and to myself." Jo Bowers, Success Manager, Delegate Solutions

Individual Coaching

Developing a great fitness plan is one thing, but actually following it? That’s something else. With our individual coaching, you’ll have direct access to Demetrius and the DFIT Team to guide you along the way.

We’ll motivate you. We’ll hold you accountable. We'll be there with you for the highs and lows of life-even through a global pandemic!

Workout Routines

Your coach wants you to succeed. We’ll give you the personalized attention you need to stick to your plan.

After you complete your Transformation Assessment, we'll connect to create your customized DFIT Transformation GamePlan™ that works for your lifestyle and your body.

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